Righton launches 24"/18.5"/17.3" and 7" Waveform monitors.

Trade Show

Date: 23~25 May 2017,
Booth No: 4D5-04,
Location: Suntec, Singapore MORE

HD-500 HDMI to SDI Converter

HD-500 is a format converter only, without up/down/ scaling function.It’s support two HDMI input, one is output and another one is standby output and indicate by LED ( fixed light is output, flash light is standby )There are two SDI output for the same signal in the same time.HD-500 is matched the SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 259M-c and SMPTE 292M.Please review our HD-500 for the detail spec....


UDC-110 Up/Down Converter

UDC-110 is a up/down converter with scaling function.The input signal of UDC-110 is SDI only.The input signal is auto-detected, don’t need any select & define. There is also had one SDI loop through out.The output signal of UDC-110 are 2 SDI and 1 DVI-D.The output signal are selected by push bottom directly and displayed by LED indicate.UDC-110 also had L/R audio output. ( two chann......



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